The Banner Saga: Warbands Complete

$120.00 $175.00

The ultimate Banner Saga: Warbands package!

This online exclusive only package contains:

  • 1x The Banner Saga: Warbands
  • 1x 30 miniature upgrade pack
  • 1x Bellower miniature and card
  • 1x Eyeless miniature and card
  • 1x World Serpent expansion
  • 1x Godstone expansion
  • 1x pack of 20 Dredge minis (includes exclusive Myth cards)
  • 1x pack of Willpower Crystals
  • 1x Battle Tile
  • 1x Choose Your Path Missions and Alternate Event cards 

The Banner Saga: Warbands is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. Each player controls a role that must maintain an important aspect of the warband. Players encounter events during the course of their game, where they are forced to make difficult decisions in often impossible situations. Through cooperation and internal politics, these decisions have lasting repercussions that affect the mission’s probability of success.