MERCS 2.0 Rulebook


This is the second edition rulebook of the very popular tabletop miniatures skirmish game.

This limited edition book includes:

  • Revised and steamlined ruleset
  • Gold foil hardcase design
  • Exclusive punchboard token sheet
  • 384 full color pages
  • Over 150 full color illustrations and photographs
  • All 12 Megacons and stats
  • Ever-changing campaign mode using MERCS: Conflict custom dice
  • New game modes and scenarios
  • Fully indexed

MERCS 2.0 streamlines many of the dice and modifier interactions that exist in the game. It introduces new reference cards, keywords, initiative, and medium range. It also reimagines flank, melee combat, suppression and overwatch, and dealing with elevation in combat.



MERCS Singles: CCC, EIC, EU, GCC, House 4, House 9


MERCS Singles: ISS, Keizai Waza, KemVar, Sefadu, Texico, USCR