Myth Journeyman: Shores of Kanis


The kingdom of the Okian lies at the heart of sun-scorched Kanis. It is a sand-blasted land where massive stone monuments rise to honor the dark master Anunkara, Keeper of the Dead. Enhance your Hero’s abilities and push back the Darkness! Shores of Kanis expands and updates the world of Myth with Journeyman Heroes, terrifying new monsters, exciting new weapons and armor sets, and a new hero: Swashbuckler.

Shores of Kanis is one of two new boxed Journeyman expansions for Myth.

This box features:

  • New module story telling system booklet with 3 full act quests
  • 50 "light" Journeyman hero cards to upgrade all base game hero classes
  • 1 Swashbuckler hero class, with model, novice and journeyman hero cards
  • 26 new and highly detailed monster models & cards (sold unpainted)
  • 8 Realm tiles
  • 37 Item Cards
  • 20 Quest & Merchant Cards
  • 15 Monster & Darkness Cards
  • Over 80 new tokens & counters


Myth Colored Item Card Sleeves