Who We Are

We are Keith and Brian. We are an Indianapolis, Indiana company.

But, we are more than Keith and Brian.

We are friends that sacrifice their time and talents to make MERCS better. We are spouses that have patience and love to let us chase a dream. We are sculptors that give MERCS a face and quality that is beyond reproach. We are casters that mold amazing miniatures that shrink reality and make us giggle. We are photographers that imprison an occasion and make the moment history. We are website brainiacs that extend the reach of the individual to the world and make us community builders. We are painters that steal the breath and capture the eye. We are writers that build worlds and make the mind dance. We are artists that provide stunning visions and the spark of life. We play a game and in so doing become family.

When Keith and I think how it started, where it has gone, and how much people have sacrificed for us and this . . . well, it's more than a little humbling. We have been put into a wonderful position: those lined up next to us, do so because they believe in what we are doing--they believe in our vision.

To make the very best experience for gamers, through living art that speaks of a robust world with heroes and history, highly detailed dynamic miniatures, and products that sacrifice neither quality nor imagination. To make every gaming experience fun, well-thought out, balanced, and full of passion.

MERCS is much different then when it started a year ago. It will much different when it matures years from now. But it will always be people with passion pursuing perfection.