MERCS products are of the highest quality. From our minis and cards, to the gorgeous hard-cover Game Rules book, you can be sure that what you are buying is made to the highest standard in the industry. 


Our miniatures are lead-free and super clean, with very little flash and minimal mold lines. Made in Jonesboro, Indiana by Mississinewa Miniatures, MERCS miniatures offer dynamic poses for the MERCS Game and other near-future, sci-fi tabletop miniature games. 

Game Rules:

Our Game Rules offer a unique take on a tabletop skirmish genre. MERCS has flexible initiatives, a card based movement system, simultaneous actions, and a tiered difficulty level for beginners and advanced players alike. 

The Game Rules book is an impressive hard cover book with 176 full color pages. Over 200 photos and 100 artist illustrations, the MERCS rule book has set a new standard for quality and design in a hobby game book.

Game Cards:

Our Game Decks bring all the information of a squad to your fingertips. Each deck contains 10 cards: 1 turn synopsis, 1 modifier table, 2 terrain, and 6 MegaCon specific character cards with trademarked die-cuts for movement and measuring.